Ballet Orchestra (for culture-loving adults, 2016)

In celebration of the Dutch Ballet Orchestra's 50th anniversary, we created a 3-minute animated documentary. The orchestra members' beautiful anecdotes are captured by poetic animated scenes.


Client: Het Balletorkest
English title: 50 years of Dutch Ballet Orchestra
Original title: 50 jaar Het Balletorkest
Animation's total running time: 3 minutes (00:02:35)
Release date: April 2016
Country: the Netherlands
Technique: 2D computer animation
Target audience: adults
Genre: documentary
Dialogue: Dutch
Category: animated documentary


 Kicking off the online distribution, the Ballet Orchestra's celebratory event for partners opened with the unveiling of the animated documentary.
The film has been selected at the Holland Animation Film Festival, Fest Anca, KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival and Anima Córdoba Festival.



Director: Johan Klungel
Producers: Tünde Vollenbroek, Lesley Moore
Concept: Studio Pupil, Lesley Moore
Script, storyboard: Johan Klungel, Dario van Vree
Interviews: Johan Klungel, Tünde Vollenbroek
Art direction: Lesley Moore
Design: Leonie Bos
Animation: Johan Klungel, Bouwine Pool
Compositing: Johan Klungel
Typography: Simon François, Lesley Moore
Editing: Johan Klungel, Dario van Vree, Leonie Bos
Audio mix: Jaap Berends


Johan Klungel directs animation and illustrates children's books, both with a distinctively handmade look. Previously he directed the short films 'Super' and 'Fauna Sutra'.