Boterhamshow (for playful kids, 4 seasons)

'De Boterhamshow' is a fun breakfast show for young kids. Every episode features a short animation that plays with your sense of reality, with the aim to surprise and delight.


Client: NTR (Dutch public broadcaster)
Dutch title: De Boterhamshow
Episodes: 20
Animation's total running time: 15 minutes
Release dates: 2018, 2019
Country: the Netherlands
Technique: 2D computer animation
Target audience: kids 4-8
Genre: comedy
Dialogue: none
Category: tv-show


 On average 50.000 kids and their families start every morning by watching 'De Boterhamshow' on television.
In 2018 'De Boterhamshow' was nominated for the Netherlands' top kids tv prize Gouden Stuiver.
 The show is generally referred to as the Netherlands' next 'Sesame Street'.



Directors: Dario van Vree, Johan Klungel, Jing Yue Zwaan
Producer: Tünde Vollenbroek
Concept, script, storyboard & design: Dario van Vree, Johan Klungel, Jing Yue Zwaan
Animation: Dario van Vree, Florian Walraven, Yara Henning, Johan Klungel, Sanna de Vries, Iris van Hassel, Jing Yue Zwaan


Dario van Vree directs animation with an eye for the weird, the incentive and the power of character performance. Previously he directed the short film 'Tabook'.


Johan Klungel directs animation and illustrates children's books with a distinctively handmade and quirky look. Previously he directed the short films 'Super' and 'Fauna Sutra'.


Jing Yue Zwaan creates playful animation, with bright designs and cheerful characters. Previously she directed the short film 'Lang Zullen Ze Leven'.