Camping 't Pontje (for adventuresome kids, in concept)

'Camping 't Pontje' is a series about the very mundane camping adventures of eight very ordinary people. Its whimsical simplicity and typically Dutch concept playfully depicts the miscommunication that's inevitable with many people sharing a small piece of land.

concept art


Every weekend eight ordinary people hop on a packed ferry to visit their favorite campsite, located on a teeny-tiny island in the Dutch Waddensea. Amenities on the island are very limited, and the personalites of the people very diverse... so they'll have to improvise to work things out together. Not a day goes by on 'Camping 't Pontje’ without annoyances, but certainly not without fun either!


Original title: Camping 't Pontje
Running time: 26x7 minutes
Country: the Netherlands
Technique: 2D animation
Target audience: kids 4-6
Genre: comedy
Dialogue: Dutch
Category: series
Status: in development

animation test


Director: Dario van Vree
Producer: Tünde Vollenbroek
Scripts: Tingue Dongelmans, Dario van Vree
Character designs: Aleks Deurloo

early development team

Early concept development: Jing Yue Zwaan, Dirk Lemmers, Saskia de Vries (HKU)
Early style development: Jing Yue Zwaan, Quita Felix, Daan Alberts, Sanne Brouwer, Stan van Buiten, Sterre van der Tak, Floor Wandel, Matej zdarsky (HKU)
Early pilot animation: Daan Alberts, Sanne Brouwer, Dirk Lemmers, Naomy Derksen, Bas van der Ham, Frederieke Mooij, Jing Yue Zwaan, Daan Alberts, Sanne Brouwer, Quita Felix, Dewi Hartono (HKU)
Special thanks: Egbert de Ruiter, Lauri Kramer


Dario van Vree directs animation with an eye for the weird, the incentive and the power of character performance. He directed the short film 'Tabook'.


Jing Yue Zwaan creates playful animation, with bright designs and cheerful characters. Previously she directed the short film 'Lang Zullen Ze Leven'.


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