I&ME (for cautious kids)

'I&ME' is an empowering series about the cautious Robin and her daring shadow. As they overcome situations that were seemingly insurmountable at first, together with her shadow Robin is capable of more than she thinks she is.

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The enthusiastic yet easily discouraged 4-year-old Robin explores the world around her. Sometimes things are scary, or difficult, or otherwise seemingly impossible... Luckily Robin has a bold, inseparable friend who will get her through anything; her shadow.


English title: I&ME
Original title: IK&IKKE
Running time: 9x3 minutes
Country: the Netherlands
Technique: 2D computer animation
Target audience: kids 3-5
Genre: comedy
Dialogue: English
Category: series
Status: in development



Director: Bouwine Pool
Producer: Tünde Vollenbroek
Writers: Marc Veerkamp, Tingue Dongelmans, Denise Rebergen
Designer: Bouwine Pool
Early visual development: Iris van Hassel, Claire Sebring


Bouwine Pool creates character-driven animation with a subtle and gentle quality. The stories she tells are rooted in optimism.

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