Outsider (for achievement-tired adults)

'Outsider' is an animated documentary installation that challenges the rat race that we, modern people, has come to view as 'normal'. It's created in partnership with the Outsider Art Galerie in Amsterdam.

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43-year-old Hans's life used to be that of your average passionate Amsterdammer, with a rewarding job and vibrant personal life, until an unfortunate incident overturned his life completely... Now an outsider with only a few hours' worth of energy on a good day, Hans suddenly finds himself reevaluating his very core. As he struggles with the loss of no longer adhering to modern society's value system, Hans carefully starts to allow new metrics of success into his life.


English title: Outsider
Running time: 15 minutes
Release date: est. 2021
Country: the Netherlands
Technique: 2D hand-drawn animation
Target audience: adults
Genre: documentary
Dialogue: Dutch
Category: animation installation
Status: in development

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Director: Jan-Dirk Bouw
Producer: Tünde Vollenbroek
Protagonist: Hans van Belkom
Installation producer: Yvonne van Ulden
Art director: Iris Frankhuizen 
Advisors: Josien Vogelaar, Elvira van Eijl, Hélène Kocken, Dario van Vree
Special thanks: Michelle Kranot, Uri Kranot, Aneta Ozorek

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Jan-Dirk Bouw directs personal stories that touch upon the complex and darker underlying aspects of humanity. Previously he directed 'I Love Hooligans', which was selected for 170+ festivals and won over 10 prizes.