Reflection (for self-concious kids)

'Reflection' is a 5-minute short film about going through self-loathing and coming out the other end. This inner journey takes the shape of a rough snowstorm, with lush paint textures and playful ink lines.

concept art


The home of 11-year-old Fiep is filled with mirrors of all shapes and sizes. She focuses on the imperfections of her reflection so intensely, that they literally grow gigantic, and Fiep turns into a kind of mutation of all her amplified imperfections... Fiep stumbles past all the mirrors, through the door, into the ferocious winter landscape that surrounds her - running away as far as possible...


English title: Reflection (working title)
Original title: Spiegeling (working title)
Running time: 5 minutes
Release date: est. 2021
Country: the Netherlands
Technique: 2D hand-drawn animation
Target audience: kids 5-11
Genre: drama
Dialogue: none
Category: debut short film
Status: in development



Director: Sanna de Vries
Producer: T√ľnde Vollenbroek
Creative consultant: Bouwine Pool
Creative producer: Dario van Vree
Script, storyboard, design, animation: Sanna de Vries
Special thanks: Erik van Drunen, Mirjam Bal, Emma Branderhorst, Bas Hordijk, Hannah van Tassel

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Sanna de Vries creates emotional animation with vivid characters and analogue backgrounds. Her graduation short 'Huilbui' won her the 2019 Wildcard, the Netherlands' main animation talent prize.