Sisters of the Meadow (for adventurous kids)

'Sisters of the Meadow' is an exciting folklore-inspired, girl-led adventure about growing up and growing apart. A feature film (with Lemming Film) and graphic novel (with Flying Eye Books) are currently in development.

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Kyra (9) and her sisters Margot (12) and Janna (5) return to their grandma’s farm for the summer. Kyra looks forward to spending lots of time with her older sister Margot, catching frogs and playing silly games in the mysterious woods, like they always do. But this year turns out to be different. Margot starts distancing herself from her younger sisters, and Kyra soon discovers why: mythical creatures of the mist, called ‘White Wenches’, are luring Margot into the woods to transform her into one of them; a young woman. Afraid of losing her older sister to adolescence, Kyra sabotages the transformation process, leaving Margot stuck in a strange state of limbo. The only way Kyra can save her sister is by learning to let her go.


English title: Sisters of the Meadow
Original title: De Wichter Cirkel
Running time: 80 minutes
Release date: TBC (film), May 2022 (graphic novel)
Country: the Netherlands
Technique: stylized CG (film), 2D computer (graphic novel)
Target audience: kids 6-12
Genre: coming-of-age
Dialogue: English, Dutch, Twentish
Category: debut feature film
Status: in development


team (behind the film)

Director: Marlyn Spaaij
Producer: Tünde Vollenbroek
Script: Marlyn Spaaij, Eveline Hagenbeek
Script consultant: Ernie Tee
Concept art: Marlyn Spaaij, Lois van Baarle (Loish)
Film production company: Lemming Film
Co-producer: Knudsen Pictures
Special thanks: Erik van Drunen, Frank Peijnenburg, Marrigje de Jong, Monique Ruinen, Yvonne van Ulden, Eleanor Coleman, Agnès Bizzaro, Jiek Weishut, Jantiene de Kroon, Remco Polman, Bouwine Pool, Patrick Chin, Paco Vink, Bastiaan Schravendeel, Tomm Moore

team (behind the book)

Creator: Marlyn Spaaij
Producer: Tünde Vollenbroek
Manuscript, thumbs, lay-outs: Marlyn Spaaij
Clean-up, coloring: Isa Hellenberg
Publisher: Flying Eye Books / Nobrow
Editors: Niamh Jones, Sam Arthur
Designer: Michelle Mac
Special thanks: Mara Joustra, Dana Alink


Marlyn Spaaij is a director and writer with a love for universally personal stories, and a board artist with many series and feature films under her belt. Currently she's directing her debut short film 'Trouble in Mind'.


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