Burnout Diary (for stressed out adults)

‘I'm Perfectly Fine: Burnout Diary’ is a half hour-special and social media project about accepting your own imperfection. The project is currently being adapted from the graphic novel ‘Burn-out Dagboek’ by Dutch comic artist Maaike Hartjes and won the 2020 Trickstar Business Award.

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As a freelance illustrator and perfectionist, Maya’s life is fun fun fun, but also busy busy busy. She perfectly pulls through her work assignments and social activities, thanks to a supportive ‘inner voice’ whom she affectionately calls her ‘Little Motivator’. But when Maya suddenly gets a full-on panic attack and has to slow down for a while, her deepest fear becomes reality: she can no longer be perfect... Maya and her Little Motivator set out to get her back on track ASAP, while struggling to accept that ‘good enough’ might just really be good enough.


English title: I'm Perfectly Fine: Burnout Diary
Original title: Burn-out Dagboek
Running time: 30 minutes
Release date: 2023
Country: the Netherlands
Technique: 2D computer animation
Target audience: adults
Genre: dramedy
Dialogue: English
Category: short film
Status: in production

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Director: Dario van Vree
Producers: Tünde Vollenbroek, Viviane Vanfleteren, Veerle Appelmans, Marco Levantaci (Vivi Film)
Art director: Maaike Hartjes
Script writers: Eveline Hagenbeek, Dario van Vree
Script consultant: Jacqueline Epskamp
Story artists: Dario van Vree, Maaike Hartjes, Tünde Vollenbroek
Storyboard: Dario van Vree, Jelle Brunt, Basak Kirici
Editing: Dario van Vree, Diede van Vree
Animatic: Rudi Mertens, Ylva Ernst
Cut-out: Livia May
Sound, music, mix: Firma Helle Willemstein
Early tests: Balder Westein, Jing Yue Zwaan, Iris Frankhuizen, Bouwine Pool, Ylva Ernst, Anna Eijsbouts
Special thanks: Erik van Drunen, Dorien van de Pas, Jolijn van Rees, Mirjam Bal, Bero Beyer, Peter Wassink, Aisha Madu, Daniel Bays, Ken Faier, Go Short, Laurent Crouzeix, Manuela Lumb


Dario van Vree directs animation with an eye for the weird, the incentive and the power of character performance. Previously he directed the short film 'Tabook'.


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